Life doesn’t always go as planned. But that’s okay.

It’s officially fall! Two seasons have come and gone since I began giving this blog a facelift, and I’ve yet to finish editing and reposting old posts, not to mention posting anything new. I have a long list of recipe ideas, new equipment and supplies for improving my food photography, etc. etc. etc. … and, alas, I am moving at a snail’s pace.

This seems to be my pace for 2018… slow, wandering, spiraling back and forth, leaving a trail of intentions and ideas behind me. And life hasn’t been without its interruptions… loss, sadness, unexpected shifts in priorities… but it hasn’t been void of small victories either… learning to let go, finding inspiration in moving on.

The older I get, the more I’m learning to accept and be content with the reality that life doesn’t always go as planned. It’s okay! Sometimes we need a season of rest, dreaming, and introspection… okay, maybe a few seasons. The important things is that you never give up and stop moving entirely.

So for now, I’ll post what content I have ready and keep adding as I go, because it’s important to be grateful for what you have and where you are in the moment. 

Happy Autumn!

Now… back to snuggling my puppy.

Meet Zappa! My seven month old Labradoodle… and biggest distraction for the last five months. 🙂

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