Hi! I’m Jessica, blogger here at SAVOR & THRIVE, and I’m also a singer/songwriter. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband and our Labradoodle pup, Zappa.

I appreciate minimalism, but I’m not exactly a minimalist. I am enthusiastic about plant-based foods, but I’m not strictly vegan… I’m not very fond of labels and putting people in boxes. But I do like trying to keep things SIMPLE.

Life is messy. But we often make it messier than it has to be. It’s easier to create a plan for navigating the mess if you can find a way to break life down to its most important ingredients. For me, this means making healthy choices and taking time to slow down and discover joy in the moment. When we learn to savor life we’re more likely to thrive.

Savor & Thrive is dedicated to savoring wholesome simple food and reflecting on life’s simple pleasures.

Thanks for visiting!here's to life savored